Gaspereau Valley Fibres

You know how you see those photos on Pinterest and you’re all, “Ahhh I would just die to go there”? Yeah, I went there.


I was in Wolfville, Nova Scotia for a CD launch and I had a couple of hours one afternoon for lunch and some emailing somewhere in town. Obviously, I found the knitting store that was also a cafe: The Wool’n Tart. I had a delicious sandwich, a knit with some lovely ladies who were really welcoming and friendly, and I left with some yarn. (Of course.)

I asked if there was anywhere else in the area and I was told I should go to Gaspereau Valley Fibres. Did I have a car? No. But I was assured that a taxi wouldn’t be too expensive, as it was only 5K away. Ah ha! Run worthy. It was cold, but a gorgeous day, so I set out.


Golden afternoon sun on the sign to greet me was just the beginning.

IMG_6184Chalkboard outside? Garland can be seen through the window? Tell me more.

IMG_6165 IMG_6164

IMG_6172How stunning is this place? The wooden floors creaked as I walked and you could smell the woodsmoke from the crackling fire.

IMG_6168That day was actually their knit night! I was invited to join, but sadly had to get back to Wolfville for my CD launch. Not without buying more yarn. Because, of course.

IMG_6181 IMG_6180 IMG_6174 IMG_6173 IMG_6171 IMG_6169 IMG_6166I bought some balls of yarn from PEI, and some very sweet buttons in the shape of little ducks. Perfect for a baby sweater.

IMG_6177As I was leaving, I realized that I couldn’t very well run back with a paper bag full of yarn so I asked if they could call me a cab. The girl working there asked if I was in Wolfville and when I said yes, offered to bring the yarn to me later as she was planning to meet some friends at the local pub.

I should have expected nothing less from this perfect, small town.

IMG_6183After I had paid and exchanged numbers with my yarn delivery gal, I said hello to the sheep out front.

IMG_6186As I jogged the 5K back into town, I was sad to miss the knit night (knitting in front of a fire on a farm where the yarn is made? Please), but so happy to be in Wolfville where my boyfriend went to school. It’s not a place that I could move right now, of course, as jobs are tough to come by in the music field, but I would just adore to live in the Valley.

One day.

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